I’m back!!!!

I will begin putting fresh content on this site starting October 27, 2009. Until then….

Peace and I’m out


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KillZone 2 Spanish AD

Are my eyes deceiving me? Sony is actually doing a good job with the killzone 2 commercials.


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Resident Evil 5 is broken: Part 2

What happen to giving your opinion on games? I recently gave my opinions on the horrid controls in the Resident Evil demo and I got a puddle… lake… no a ocean of responses that ranged from …

“Thats how resident evil plays dipshit.”

and my absolute favorite…

“Keep crying just so you can get hits on this pathetic excuse for a blog. You know it’s resident evil you know what the controls were going to be like and you still cry and bitch like a 3 year old.” Continue reading


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The 5 Spot’s Top Lamest Video Game Characters of ALL-TIME

Continue reading


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Resident Evil 5 is broken

This morning I turned on my Playstation 3 and went to the playstation store and to my surprise I seen that the Resident Evil 5 demo was available to download. I was excited and I have to admit that I’m a Resident Evil fanboy. I heard how some of the journalist was praising this game so I couldn’t hardly wait to play it. My wait turned to one hour because apparently my modem must have drank some syrup out of Lil Wayne’s Styrofoam cup because it was moving slow. Continue reading


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Neogaf sucks: The attack of the Fanboys


I remember when I was a kid in elementary school me and my friends would have arguments about which system was better. I can remember the arguments vividly…

“The Playstation is better than the N SHITTY FOUR”

“Mario would smash Crash Bandicoot”

“You all sound like idiots… Sonic would split both of them in half”

When I was in school I had a Playstation so I defended Sony’s name like I had a stake in its stock. I was a Sony Fanboy. I wore the S on my scrawny chest with self-importance like a smug guy that drives a hybrid car.  I didn’t care what Sony was doing wrong… no no no … it didn’t matter… I wanted to see the great Nintendo fall from grace. I wanted to see it crash and burn, I wanted to see the great Shigeru Miyamoto bow at Sony’s feet. I laughed and celebrated when that thing they call a game SUPERMAN 64 came out and got shamefully horrible scores. I defended Sony’s detractors like a Fox News pundit trying to defend their imaginary news channel…. Continue reading


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The 5 Spot’s Top 5 most wanted games of 2009

These are some of the games I am looking forward to in 2009. Some of the games that didn’t make my list is God of War 3, Mass effect, Alan Wake and Final Fantasy 13 because I’m not sure if those are going to come out this year. This list is subject to change but for now this the 5 Spot’s Top 5.

5. Halo 3: ODST- XBOX 360

I’m hearing that this expansion will be more tactical than previous entries in the series.

4. Resident Evil 5- Playstation 3, XBOX 360

Resident Evil 4 was one of the greatest games of all time and now the next installment in the series has to live up to high expectations.

3. Uncharted: Among Thieves- Playstation 3

The Dude Raider is back in all of his HD glory.

2. Street Fighter 4- Playstation 3, XBOX 360

I actually got a chance to play this game and all I can say is… Sonicboom in HD.

1. Killzone 2- Playstation 3

The graphic alone is worth a purchase in my opinion.

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