Welcome to The 5 Spot!!!

This is the place for video game news, Video game reviews and more. My name is Turricane… before you say “Hey you got your name from that 2d side scrolling game that came out in the 16 bit era named Turrican”. Yes I was a huge fan of that game as a kid. I’m a Film Student at Columbia College in Chicago. I eat, sleep and live to shoot movies. My camera is a extension of my body and the lens is my third eye. I’m part of a Hip-hop band with my friend MegaStarr and we go by the name…. Drum roll please…. Megastarr and Turricane… yeah I know the name is pretty uncreative but were still working on our first EP. When it is done I will make sure to post it on the blog.

This game is the shit!!!

This Blog is dedicated to my love for videogames and Pop culture in general… Enjoy!!!


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