Resident Evil 5 is broken

This morning I turned on my Playstation 3 and went to the playstation store and to my surprise I seen that the Resident Evil 5 demo was available to download. I was excited and I have to admit that I’m a Resident Evil fanboy. I heard how some of the journalist was praising this game so I couldn’t hardly wait to play it. My wait turned to one hour because apparently my modem must have drank some syrup out of Lil Wayne’s Styrofoam cup because it was moving slow. After the wait was over I started the game and my eyes were dazzled by the beautiful visuals. These were visuals that in my opinion surpassed Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gears of War 2. I was having a visual orgasm without even starting the game. Looking at Resident Evil 5 visuals was seeing a beautiful woman kissing another equally beautiful woman… AMAZING… Wilt Chamberlain Scoring 100 points in a game amazing (That’s a NBA scoring record for all of you who doesn’t watch sports).

But the honeymoon ended and reality showed it’s ugly face that looks similar to Rosie O’ Donell’s rear end. Beneath the pretty graphics lies a broken game. Chris Redfield moved like a elderly person driving a wwII tank… super super slow. These controls were perfectly fine four years ago when Resident 4 came out for the Gamecube but this is next gen. While I was playing the demo I kept asking myself these questions.

Why can’t I shoot and run at the same time?

Why can’t I walk backwards and shoot?

Is Chris Redfield supposed to be a trained special forces operative?

Damn, It’s my girlfriends birthday and I forgot to buy her something… do I have enough money?

Why am I asking myself these questions?

The answer to that last question is simple because I wasn’t enjoying myself. Plain and simple Resident Evil 5 isn’t a fun game. Instead of being immersed in the game you are worried about which button to press and the limitations of the character’s movements. I’ve played Dead Space, Gears of War, Uncharted and all those third person games had fluid and seamless controls. At this point I enjoyed the recent Alone in the Dark demo more than the Resident Evil 5  demo (Yes that’s right I went there).

I know what I played was a demo and the controls could be drastically improved by release but as of now I’m greatly disappointed. Capcom please step your game up.

Peace and one love.




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  1. I agree and also, y can’t you shoot from the hip and hv to zoom all the time to shoot. Running is LS click down and same as LS forward + a, wasting combo for same thing?

  2. Jared

    So true…..

  3. Wings of Death

    Turricane, great games both of them.

  4. Stu

    Having played Resident Evil for so long, i’ve gotten used to not being able to move and aim/shoot at the same time. Now having played the demo, it doesn’t bother me all that much, it’s the reasoning that Capcom offers for not letting you move and shoot, pathetically weak excuses if you ask me.

    Doesn’t bother me, but i can see why it would bother so many people, especially after how special Dead Space was!

    Read my thoughts on the demo at this link if you wish 🙂

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  6. Lol.

    I knew there was a reason I had never heard of this blog. You have lost all credibility before you’ve even gained any.
    I mean, seriously. Moaning about the controls? Have you not got anything better to do with your time?
    There is a reason the controls are this way. Use your brain, and you may just work it out.
    “Journalists”, these days…

  7. ash7612

    Turricane you are a fool, this game is great, been having a blast with it so far, you say its broken because of the controls yet what do you expect? You want the game to hold your hand the whole way through, run and gun would make the game far too easy, I am glad this was left out of the game because there is supposed to be some tension in the game, this isn’t an adventure game like uncharted or even gears, get used to it, this has always been in RE and will be for a while.

  8. Alti

    to the person whose name is “Lol.”

    you’re the fool.

    Controls are 75% of what make a game. The rest goes into how it runs and looks and shit. If the controls are garbage, than the game will be too.

    He seems to make all valid points, and having played the demo myself, I concur. It’s just not next gen.

  9. -Doesn’t bother me, but i can see why it would bother so many people, especially after how special Dead Space was!-
    And I’m thinking that’s “it”. After see where Dead Space took the survival horror genre since RE4, Resident Evil 5 can feel dated.

    Are “classic” RE controls for the sake of nostalgia a step backward for survival horror gaming?

  10. Tag

    Erm. yes!… got to agree with you there. I thought it was just me, but glad to see im not alone.
    I first tried it on my xbox and thought this. But it wasnt until i tried the PS3 did my enthusiasm for this game hit rock bottom. Its tha same on both!

    Looks mint on both (cant really tell the diff when you look at em), but controls feel very very old!


  11. Lol.

    @ Alti

    Controls are all about opinion. If controls make up 75% of a game to you, then that’s great.

    “The rest goes into how it runs and looks and shit.”
    Wow, you really know your stuff, eh? I mean, I knew about how games run, and graphics, but I never knew about the “shit.” Do you have a limited vocabulary, or do you think swearing makes you appear “cool?”

    “If the controls are garbage, than the game will be too.”
    Nice to see Pro Evo is garbage because I prefer FIFA controls. Dammit, there I was thinking Pro Evo was a good game…

  12. Ed

    The controls for this game are perfect. Not moving and shooting hightens the emergency of the situation. I’ve had more excitement with this demo than I did with both Halo 3 and Gears 2. People who just want to move and shoot are the typical FPS junkies.

  13. insomniak

    I am a huge RE fan and have been anticipating the release of this game for quite some time. However after playing the demo I have to say that the gameplay is extremely dissapointing. Having the ability to move while shooting would not only make the game more fun but it would also make more sense i.e in real life people have that ability. However the game does have one major saving grace and that is the addition of co-op play. Even playing a shitty game can be fun if the experience is shared with a friend. 🙂

  14. a


    It has already gotten two perfect scores from respectable reviewers.

    It’s going to be the best selling, best rated game of 2009.

    Keep crying just so you can get hits on this pathetic excuse for a blog. You know it’s resident evil you know what the controls were going to be like and you still cry and bitch like a 3 year old.

    You want RE5 to be some lame ass run and gun? More actiony?

    I bet your sorry ass loved those shitty Resident evil movies?

    Smell that? Thats some nice fresh perfect scores coming for Re5

  15. Mike

    Ya, I totally agree. The controls in RE5 are a nightmare. It’s just annoying gameplay. And to argue that “this is always been in the RE franchise” is silly…the stupid camera angles used to plague the game as well, but they decided to get rid of those…so why not improve the controls? I’m sure the devs can think of other ways to improve gamer strategy and increase tension…

  16. fei-hung

    for being honest you lose credibility from RE fanboys, how nice.

    1. just because you are used to weak controls doesnt mean capcom shouldnt improve them. according to your principle, if something is rubbish, dont improve it, just get used to it. the ideology is a major fail! where would the world be if we followed this ideology?

    2. RE is in the horror genre. RE5 lacks horror

    3. the a.i. is rubbish. zombies wil run towards you then slow right down. why? like that would ever happen , infact no RE game has had that kinda a.i.

    4. stop being fanboys and face the facts.

  17. I have to say I disagree. If only because your problems with the game are an opinion. Almost, and I do say almost for a reason, everyone who has played previous RE’s doesn’t have a problem, and they don’t find the controls game breaking at all. On the other hand, from what I’ve seen over at gamefaqs, what must be %90 of people who are playing RE for the first time are frustrated by the controls. It’s a not a problem of the game being broken, obviously considering how many fans there are of the game, and the two perfect scores so far, but it’s a matter of people refusing to adapt to a control scheme they aren’t used to. Capcom has the controls that way for a reason.

  18. Elchilelesentro porelano

    its only a demo!!!!!!!!! and your ass is broken : )


  19. Jim lahey

    It’s not broken, you just suck at the game. You haven’t played the old games have you? The controls are good enough, they’re a big step up from the old games. Resident evil wouldn’t be the same without the controls. I love them and I hope you’ll never be able to shoot while running in a RE game. Go play Dead Space or something.

  20. How can any of you idiots claim this is NOT a next gen tittle?? You Fu$kin nieve bastards!! Let me ask you a straight question.. What makes a game next gen?? Is the controls or is Graphics/Visuals and Physics?? If you have half a brain you would say the Latter… Game controls have absolutly nothing to with weather or not a tittle is considered “next-Gen” … Controls come down to prefrence… and if this in not your prefrence than just say so… And if you were at all paying close attention to PR news than you would have heard that there is going to be an option in the final build to tweak the controls so you CAN “run and gun” if thats your prefrence….. Okay my rant is over…

  21. Alti

    Lol., you fail to amuse anyone.

    I said shit because I didn’t want to take the time to list anything else important. It wasn’t said to look cool. It’s a figure of speech, and if you don’t understand that, then the only one with a limited “anything” is you.

    The internet is too packed with retards. It shouldn’t be accessed by many people–especially those that refer to themselves as Lol..

    And who the fuck brought Fifa into the picture? We’re talking about games. Not…sports games. Those are two totally different things.
    (I feel like I have to stress this: /SARCASM)

    Case and point: if a character doesn’t navigate a scene well, then your fan-fetish with the franchise or new IP will wither half way through, and you’ll either stop playing all together or just groan at every extra hour it takes to get over with.

    Reviewers and blogs such as this are key to warning us of what’s to come, and they’re usually unbiased and spot on. In this case, he is on point. The majority of consumers out there are not going to enjoy the RE5 control scheme because it’s just dated + slow.

    By the way, “Lol.,” if you think the gameplay is stellar and it doesn’t have flaws, then you’re about as smart as RE5’s artificial intelligence.

    And I’m stressing the word artificial.

    Do I look cool, now?

  22. The reason why you can’t run and shoot at the same time is to maintain an element of horror, so that the game does not completely transform into an action game. By having less ease with aiming your gun, you are forced to find your distance and pick your shots, rather than shooting wildly which can be effective in the Gears of War games.

    My main complaint with the shooting mechanic is that you can’t shoot from the hip if you’re in big trouble/cornered/running away.

    But yeah, the main reason you can’t shoot and move at the same time is to maintain a control scheme that’s more like the horror genre than an action game. If you can blast at will in all positions, the potential fear/stress you feel while playing is subsequently lessened, making it more of an action game than part of the survival horror genre.

  23. razyshady

    just for the simple reason you can’t run and shoot at the same time I will NOT be buying this game.

    Shit I’ll still be playing KillZone 2 when this finally drops.

  24. AndyO

    The controls increase the gameplay difficulty, and if you can’t deal with that then find a different game.

    I was extremely disappointed in RE4 because they got rid of the ‘outdated’ tank controls. I love them, because you get rewarded for learning how to use them correctly.

    I remember turning off Code: Veronica after 5 minutes because of the controls. Then, after actually taking the time to learn how to use them correctly, it because my favorite RE game.

  25. Lol.


    “And who the fuck…”
    There we go again. It’s not easy to express yourself with real words, is it?

    “Reviewers and blogs such as this are key to warning us of what’s to come”
    Ever heard of demos? Me neither. My opinions come from a reviewer’s behind.

    “if a character doesn’t navigate a scene well, then your fan-fetish with the franchise or new IP will wither half way through”
    Your opinion. No relevance here whatsoever. Well, seeing as this “story” is an opinion, it does fit in quite nicely.

    “In this case, he is on point.”
    You agree with the reviewer’s opinion. I care to disagree with both of you.

    “By the way, “Lol.,” if you think the gameplay is stellar and it doesn’t have flaws, then you’re about as smart as RE5’s artificial intelligence.”
    Oh, please quote me where I mentioned anything about the gameplay being stellar. Please…What, nothing? Such a shame…

    At the end of the day, you’re cool, and I’m not arguing with that. However, you do fail to acknowledge any of the points I’ve made here. I hope I don’t have to bullet point them in another comment to make them more simple, just for you. Go and re-read my comments, I hope you learn something.

    Lol at the people thinking this is an action TPS game.
    Lol at the people wanting to run and shoot.
    And, a big Lol goes out to Alti, you made my day.
    Thank you for confirming to me that retards still exist on the internet. You and Turricane would make a good people.

    And that is why my username on this pitiful blog is “Lol.” By the way, if your parents named you “Alti”, may I suggest a name change.

    Good night and God bless.

  26. I agree with, and it is stupid, but it is supposed to be fixed in time for the retail release with proper run and gun controls:

  27. the5spot


    If my blog is so “pitiful” then why are you here? You must care what I think. You must be insecure about something. I’m just giving you my opinion of a game demo I’ve played. Nothing more and nothing less.

  28. jackdaddy

    I read this article adnd it’s exactly what i thought too of the demo. I may not be a massive resident evil fan, but i was looking forward to this for a while. Definately won’t be buying as i’ll be too buy on killzone anyway lol, but i expect next gen games for a next gen console, and this is mediocre. in my opinion 🙂

  29. Re Gold

    Wah, wah , wah
    The game isn’t broken, you just suck at it
    Why do people’s shit get posted as big news on n4g?

  30. Get a life...

    ‘lol’ and ‘alti’, just reading your comments saddens me. You’re fully engrossed in an argument about a game and you both seem to be getting rather upset with each other. You both need to relax. What is wrong with you. I’m going to hazard a guess and say you both haven’t got girlfriends

  31. Stu

    Because people like you love to respond to it, that’s why!

  32. Lol.


    I am a member of a huge gaming forum, and I am sick fed up of people believing their opinion’s are facts. As soon as I saw the title to this story, I knew it was gonna be another “I’m here to force my opinion upon you as fact” kind of deal.

    I also write news articles for a pretty well known gaming site, and this has led me to prefer to read more professional sounding pieces of writing. I did not like this article, and I felt as if I had to comment.
    I apologise if I upset you.

    You do know why Capcom integrated this control scheme, right?

  33. Stu

    If people are so intent on convincing people that Resident Evil 5 is as good as they say, then why do positive stories like the one below get ignored?

    Why? Because there’s too much anger in hatred in gaming these days and people are too intent on highlighting the negatives!

  34. mah

    well to quit your bitching, its already been said that resident evil will have the classic controls, and it will have a control scheme that is close to gears, so relax, stop bitching about a game, and move on

    personally i found the demo great, its not difficult to get, but it does pose as a challenge set inside the game. it makes it more interesting

  35. TeaRaine

    You’re ridiculous. Talk about overexaggerating… 🙄

  36. Another trash complaining about the controls:/

    There is nothing completely wrong with the game.
    The only wrong thing is, it’s still a 6th gen game, it’s Resident Evil 4 with a new story and upgraded graphics.

    Well…if you can run and shoot at the same time, the game will be dead easy!
    One of the things that makes Resident Evil (old series), difficult and scary. Was that you couldn’t aim, this will allow you to think of the process to dispose of the zombies without wasting ammo, you either give them a couple of bullets and finish them off with a knife, or you hope for an head shot.

    Resident Evil 4, the aiming completely killed the survival/horror genre, the aiming makes the game too easy. Why? because you can conserve lots of ammo, by just aiming on the head, worst, you have your melee when enemies get stunned.

    So if they allow Run and Gun, game would be too easy.

    Another crappy thing about this game is Chris does move slow:/

  37. fdghsk

    The game would be totally different if you could run and shoot, it would not be survival horror, therefor no fun. It is more realistic this way, have you ever tried to run and shoot, let alone run. It is impossible. Dead Space spoiled us all.

  38. FreD_BeaR

    Ok, heres how it is. What I am about to type is a fact. The controls suck. Plain and simple, they dont make sense. Great, a somewhat dedicated melee attack button, but the inability to move while using it, so basically your hack and slash attempts do nothing but fan the air.

  39. Sorry to say RE5 doesnt tick what I am looking for in a survival horror. Controls are cumbersom and characters appear to run and walk slow. The game could do with taking a page out of Left 4 Dead and Uncharted with gameplay and control.

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  41. FreD_BeaR

    Ok, heres how it is. What I am about to type is a fact. The controls suck. Plain and simple, they dont make sense. If you disagree with this , then you are lying to yourself. Recent games have demonstrated some great configurations, but RE5 for some strange reason decides to stick with the shit control scheme…. Why is a map button on R2, why do I have to press two buttons to using my melee? Its just brutal.

    But the controls arent event the worst part. The inability to move while trying to attack is laughably bad. Basically while trying to use your machete, your hack and slash attempts do nothing but fan the air since you must stand still.

    Now here is one of the easiest questions a person can answer. What would you do if a zombie was attacking you?

    a)stand still

    So why is it that not only is my character slow as piss, but that in order to fire his weapon he must stand still and look down the sites. He cant simply pull the trigger or bash the shit out of them.

    This stuff really makes the game half of what it could be. The game has true potential. And i know it is only a demo, maybe with more play time it will get better but. But come on, this is inexcusable. I suppose its possible that the retail version / patches could fix this, but really this is much more than a gripe.

  42. Flox

    I usually read these ‘who the fack is this’ type blogs and roll my eyes.

    I have to agree with this nobody, however. The control scheme is horribly dated. Its a shame too, the graphics are fantastic, and the double team moves, help/assist, ammo sharing are all cool concepts. But I cannot get past the archaic control setup.

    Using the ‘well, this is to keep tension/suspense in the game’ excuse is just laughable. If that’s the excuse then why not just freeze the character to one spot for an entire encounter, just to ‘ratchet up the desperation’.

    The ‘well, the game would be too easy if you could move and shoot’ argument is baseless as well. It’s called game design. You design your environments, enemies and encounters around your character, abilities and control scheme. You tweak your game design to your control scheme. There are plenty of challenging games that allow you to (gasp) move and shoot at the same time.

    This type of control setup was feeling dated last generation, despite the excellence of RE4. Now, with (yes, everyone keeps mentioning it and I will too) Dead Space and other games showing how to provide suspense and scares while also providing modern controls (you know, extreme ideas like being able to move while you aim/shoot a weapon), there is zero excuse for clinging onto this far past its time control mechanism.

    To be honest though, I did roll my eyes after all at this blogger. Grammar, spelling… ever hear of a proofreader, or even spellchecker my man? Wow.

  43. ur stupid

    this aint ur typical gears2, halo fps, if u played re4, this is exactly same style, fits horror type. if u can run around while shooting, u will beat it easily and theres no horror in it, if r locked in this game mechanics, it keeps on ur toes, and make it scary, thats what it makes it exciting and fun. go back and play ur noobs gears and halo shit.

  44. thetruth

    Theres no question about it, an otherwise great game is demolished by a disgusting control scheme

    Say it heightens the tension is a ridiculous point to make, if you wanna heighten the tension do it by scaring me or over-running me but not by making the controls sickningly limited.

    This is the first potentially great game Im now not going to buy purely on its controls.
    Retards who say they like the human tank, your wrong, k? k

  45. boys

    thats how resident evil plays dipshit.

  46. thetruth

    Yes..and its shit

  47. Hilarious?

    Haha, when I read this blog, I repeated asked myself these questions…

    Does this guy know what game he is playing?

    Why does this guy want different controls?

    Is he really a RE fanboy?

    These questions, I kept asking to myself. I something works perfectly, why change it? Capcom can go ahead and improve the controls, but I doubt they are going to change the controls entirely. Why? Because these controls and many other aspects are what made RE4 a huge hit. So if you could move and shoot, that would just be taking away the challenge from the game. This is what makes you come up with other strategies of solving problem other than the conventional “shoot first and ask questions later” answer. Games like Gears and Uncharted are different from RE. If he was really a fanboy, he’d know that which is why this blog is even more pointless. Obviously, he disliked RE4 as well, which is one big reason why he can’t say shit about RE5 which is similar to RE4.

    And honestly, to everyone who says the controls suck, get a 360 and throw away the ps3.

  48. thetruth

    if its so different than gears of war why does the footage of the boss battle with the tentacles look suspiciously gearsesque.
    I bet thats gonna be fun to do with those controls

  49. Inja

    Chris Redfield the super soldier sent in alone to destroy bioterror- his stationary reloading technique is second to none- he is so powerful that the zombies (maybe) run up to his face and give him a few hours before they attack.

    tut tut tut this isnt tension this is sending a pensioner to war, the reasons for these controls are invalid- dead space kept tension. they should have implemented a time out button where you could ask these zombies to wait while i reload because i cant move and do it- would have been more believable.

    if it werent for co op this would have been a retarded game.

    i was going to ask capcom if i could be the lead character in RE6- I swear to God I can walk and shoot, and even reload. Wesker must be shaking in his space boots.

  50. Robert

    The question you should be asking yourself is: why am I such a noob that other people can play this game just fine, but I can’t?

    Why do I bash a gameplay element that has been praised by everyone in RE4 and is a traditional part of RE series?

  51. Ignorance


    i was completly with you and what you were writing until you said “And honestly, to everyone who says the controls suck, get a 360 and throw away the ps3.”

    WTF. . how does throwing away your PS3 and getting a 360 give Chris Redfield the ability to run and gun? is this some hidden code in the programming of the game that detects when you have replaced your PS3 with a 360, and then goes “oh someones been converted, you can now run n gun”


    I like the controls how they are, they add suspense and it adds a little bit more strategy. .

  52. chesterP

    lol the gameplay of RE5 is very hilarious. you escape around while your enemies run behind you then turn yourself, shot the enemy and escape around again lol do it for 10 times and you get annoyed. awful gameplay.

  53. BlackSharinganX

    here problem dude your a freaking sitting duck on RE5 the ax guy attacks bruttally but hey how am i going to dodge a horizontal attack if i cnt duck or at least a reaction to do so, its slow man insteand of making it like tht they should move the guy up a bit, man make zombies more aggresive like so you can piss your pants off

  54. BlackSharinganX

    exacly man i havent seen them trowing axes at me still wht are they retarded, Re4 for me was better had reactions, man make the game faster zombies crazy ass them making them aggresive, tht way it will be way more fun

  55. GreatOdensRaven

    I have not play RE since RE3. I will say that I was impressed with the graphics, they do look amazing. But I too was upset with the limiting feel i had in the demo, I tried it through a couple of times, but I just could not get into it. I am use to more action based games that you have better control over a character so thats why it didnt work for me. Its all about opinion some may love it and some wont, but honestly do should you care about someone elses opinion? Make your own judgement and move on.

  56. Phantom

    is it just me or does lol look like a troll to you to?

  57. blah

    What a tool, is chris redfield special forces?

    When do you see swat teams, and shoot?

    When do you see Cops and Swat teams jump left and right like idiots?

    Stop and shoot gameplay is all about accuracy, making shots count, tension, etc. If RE5 had the ability to move and shoot, not only would it be so dam easy but the game would look all tension.

    Chris is a professional. Stop expecting RE5 to be gears of War, RE5 isn’t a war shooter. Do you see enemies with guns?

    RE5 is perfect the way it is, it makes you think, when to reload, save ammo and when to use items, its all about surival.

    get over it.

  58. blah

    would loose all tension*

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  60. Karl

    I love the game however what pissed me off was the framerate on the the ps3 version of a demo… I’ve been playing the demo on xbox360 and when it came of on ps3 First thing I noticed as a choppy framerate… I hope the final built will be a smooth one.

  61. I think everyone needs to chill… xD

    Yeah, okay, for action fans the controls feel slow and clunky… For survival horror fans the controls are outdated and pointless… But this game isn’t made for you guys, it’s made for the fans of the series itself – the people who want to know what happened to Jill, or sat there watching all the trailers for RE5 with wide eyes and open mouths.

    If you don’t like the controls of RE5, then don’t play it. Go back to Dead Space if you really think it’s that much better just because you can walk while shooting. As far as I’m concerned, and as far as fans of Resident Evil are concerned, the restrictions on movement are great because they feel right at home with us.

    Yeah, I wouldn’t oppose the ability to move and shoot at the same time as long as there were limitations involved, but I wouldn’t say it’s fair to call the controls of the game crap just because it’s sticking to the formula that has worked for every single Resident Evil game to date.

  62. smert

    this dude writing this article is gonna feel like a tool once he realizes they said a week ago that you can run and gun in the final game. i wonder how much time he wasted writing this?

  63. I do agree “why can’t i run and shoot…” Resident evil was never created for action genre. It was survival horror. For you people that just started playing the series from 4 and 5…well you people don’t know shit about the resident evil series.

    RE series was design to scare you and have intense moments. It is not Lost Planet here people.

  64. afafbf

    B’cause it is A RESIDENT EVIL not f**** uncharted or GOW !!!!!

    GET OVER IT. Maybe RE is too hard for YOU. Go play Wii Music

  65. damien

    totally agree with you man…this is terrible gameplay. How hard is it to be able to run and gun? This is 2009,not 2003.

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  67. SignOfZodiac

    Don’t worry about the negative feed back “T”. I agree on your experience with the Demo. I also think the game is not hard in skill level as well. Oh, and the invisible repawn of enemies behind you with your back on the wall… “I am a bad speller” If you want look me up on PSN… Same Name, Hardcore here for life.. SignOfZodiac

  68. If games like Halo control exactly like they did last gen, why can’t a game like RE5? You say you’re an RE fanboy, but I don’t buy it. RE fanboys bitched about the controls last gen too because it wasn’t a fixed camera and it was too action oriented, unlike the earlier games. If you can “run n gun”, the game won’t even be Resident Evil anymore. I’m no RE fanboy, but I know exactly how they feel about “run n gun” and they don’t want it. Personally, I don’t care, without Wii remote pointing, this game won’t be as good as it could be. After playing RE4 on Wii, I really had a hard time going back. Hope this comes out on the Wii eventually, where it will really shine and nobody will be butt hurt about the controls.

  69. raw153

    Waaaah. I guess you never played a RE game before. Quit your bitching and take the game for what it does offer. If you want to run and gun, go play every other shooter on the market.

  70. sparki375

    not being able to run and shoot is what resi evil is all about. it makes the game harder and brings more suspsense as you frantically reload whilst a zombie is coming towards you. i’ll say the same to you guys moaning as i do to anyone else, if you dont like it, why play it and shut up moaning.
    oh btw for you people who just want to run around and makethe game extremely easy for yourselves, there is a run and gun control system in the retail version apparently.

  71. kepp

    thats stupied i mean if they really tried u can run and shoot and still have a pretty good horror game stop justifing the demo it sucked balls the game will probably be better any ways they should have just work better if they didnt blow out the grafics so much(which is a nice touch) they could have time to fix all of this

    quit your bitching ppl the actuall game will probably be better just chill

  72. roflflflflf

    Are you guys serious? “Not next gen?” Why, because you can’t shoot and move? This isn’t a shooter. It’s not Halo. It’s not Uncharted. It’s Resident Evil. You don’t like it, fine. Don’t buy. We wouldn’t want you playing on co-op anyway. Sorry this game requires some actual intelligence and skill, rather than spraying and praying.

  73. mantis

    i can understand were both parties are coming from, hopfully capcom can patch this up, so players can choose which way they want to play. it is quite unfair not being able to shoot and walk at the same time.

  74. Potedude

    This is complete rubbish. Everyone knows a chainsaw can’t cut through a metal padlock….

  75. dirtnap

    controls are the least of my worries about this game. the forced babysitter co-op, weak as piss guns, and garbage inventory is what’s turning me off of this game. being the fan i am, i will buy it anyways.

  76. Michael

    have you guys ever played RE4? this is the exact same controls. the game looks amazing, sounds great, and they made it way more fun because instead of being alone, you can bring a friend and cause more chaos and havoc then a single player. there is no lag whatsoever and plus what did you expect from an Resident Evil game? RE4 was perfect, the controls made you more fearful of whats behind you and constantly had you moving from one place to the other. now isnt that what a resident evil game should do in the first place. RE5 is no different, just better looking and better overall.

    who cares if its not next gen, give me a good game to play and ill play it, i dont give 2 craps about if this is next gen or not. everyone who thinks like this is spoiled and should go back and learn HOW a game should be.

    last time i checked, diversity was a good thing…. i dont want 20 dead spaces and 20 halos. I want something unique.

  77. iTeo

    ask yourself this question: would it be a horror game without this controls? in a horror game if you feel like god, the gamedesigner has failed. if you feel like shit and piss in your pants because you aren’t agile as the real life, it’s success.

  78. Masta Lee

    i think it would make the game a lot better if you could move and shoot. however the game still is good.

  79. sparki375

    how many more times…the game WILL launch with run and gun controls so stop bitching…capcom have confirmed this

  80. VIC

    I was having similar complaints about the demo as the blog poster. I wasn’t necessarily hoping for run and gun controls like Gears of War, I’m actually a big fan of the RE series and one of the few who didn’t highlight the old games poor camera angles and tank-like controls as negatives, I still play these GC versions on my wii from time to time. But, still, something didn’t feel right about RE5’S demo or maybe it was a balancing issue. At first, it seemed to me that the only thing really added to the formula from RE4 was more zombies on the screen at once. And this offset the controls for me, I was getting overwhelmed too easily by zombie hordes due to slow aiming. Than I realized you can change the aiming speed from the option menu to “fastest.” I don’t seem to have any troubles anymore and the RE feeling has returned to this game. I don’t care for run n gun controls to be added, but I would like to be able to walk while my machete is unsheathed, that just makes sense.. it may make the game a little eaiser but having chris just stand there waiting for zombies to walk into his flailing blade isn’t fun either.

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  82. Inja

    inside chris’s mind-

    If I stand still and shoot I will feel more tension, and I will do this because I am slightly retarded.

    The controls are sh*t fukn admit it u retard childs.

  83. Stu

    You all dont realise tht tht is part of the resi games.
    if it was the same as all the other shoot em ups it would just bcome another zombie shooter. It adds a difficulty and makes headshots and accuracy more important. if ur complaining then ur sh*t at the game.

  84. yeh yeh

    I could walk through the game easy- but not the way I want to. bad controls are like watching a movie pirate quality. you watch it but dont maximise its potential.

  85. I know all of the popular game sites will be oozing with favorable rants over this, but you’re right, it is broken. I’ll stick with Fear 2.

  86. Eric

    First off, the game is a demo, there will be bugs in it.

    Second, every resident evil game has incorporated the same control scheme. You have never been able to move and shoot in any RE game. Some fanboy you are.

  87. Pingback: 64M1N6 W0RLD. « Fighting Chance!

  88. Jim

    Why can’t I shoot and run at the same time?

    Why can’t I walk backwards and shoot?

    erm… no. because these are creative decisions to enhance the feeling of danger and risk.

    I know, sometimes the controls feel old-school but with run-and-gun it just wouldn’t be Resident Evil/Biohazard anymore.

  89. Robert

    I asked myself the same question about running and gunning.

  90. Have you noticed that the game takes place in Africa? My point is, your a white guy, shoot African zombies…this cries racism…I love Resident evil with a passion but like, they could have at least thrown in some English residence. Why does it take so long to reload? It’s good they give you some lag time, but sometimes its just all in your face zombies when you’re out of amo!

  91. Robert

    What a miserable demo. I was so looking forward to this, but was utterly disappointed and attempted to strangle myself with the wireless cord.

    First, why does Chris need to fucken stop if you try to call over Sheva? Is he incapable of talking while walking in addition to shooting?

    Second, what is the point of the rifle? When I needed it, I can barely get any zombies in sight. Other that the one or two zombies I could find in the building across, its useless in close range. So why were there so many rifle rounds available anyways?

    Also, this is not survival horror . This game doesn’t really know what it is.

    Somebody claimed this game is made for the fans. Bullshit. This game is made to sell, and ps1-style controls don’t help much.

  92. Robert

    The people who enjoy these clunky robotic controls probably fuck like that too. For the rest of us, we want fluid realistic movements.

    And stop with this ‘lose tension’ bullshit. There is no tension to begin with. Go back and play Dead Space to see how survival horror games should be controlled. Tension while being able to move during shootings! How about that!

  93. iTeo

    dead space: in the space with intermitted lights and suddenly-pissing moments and monsters
    re5: day light in africa against human madness (no suddenly-pissing moments)
    dead space and re5 are completely different tipes of survival horror.
    I don’t understand all those comparisons with games like gears. again: completely different games.


  94. iTeo

    by the way, by the way (do you remember stewie?)
    turricane if you think that next generations are only realistcism (visuals and movements) moving foward, i’m afraid of that but you are out of the way. those aren’t the only things that make next-gen.
    videogames are the same of movies or art in general.
    there are people that speak semiology when they talk about a game (a news for you: re games are full of semiology) and there are people who like a game only because “it looks good and it’s fun to play”. there are people that need only an action game (or an action movie) after a long day at work, and there are people that try to understand what mikami wants to say. movies and games are made because they print money, but sometimes they are made also because there is something that the director/gamedesigner want to tell us.
    RE5 (like many other great franchises) tries to combine those two things: shoot to something and learn.

    and now, for those of you who think that “no run and gun” has anything to do with tension, please stop playing survival-horror games with that sense of criticism, and start playing games like TLOZ wind waker (my favourite game).

  95. iTeo

    sorry:” it’s NOT only an fps vs. niggers…”

  96. Stu

    iTeo is a genius. the only one of u f*ckwits tht speaks the truth

  97. iTeo

    thnk you stu. god bless you

  98. Jennifer

    I saw a video about the game on xbox spotlight. They say the full game is going to have an action option for all of us dedicated GOW gamers. Check out the video and see what you think. If this is true, I am buying the game the day it comes out.

  99. jackdaddy


  100. sigh


  101. Leonesaurus

    I just want to start out by saying to everyone in this blog, including the guy who started it, that the video shown here is “my” Youtube video. With that being stated, do you EVER see me have any porblems with the controls while playing that game. I really don’t know WHY so many people are bickering either about the controls or the fact that it hasn’t changed much from RE 4.

    1st off, it HAS changed. How? Online/offline co-op, HD graphics and high quality sound, STORY that actually follows the original storyline with original Resident Evil characters, and “improved” controls. Yes, you can’t run and shoot. Why not? Because this is a game called Resident Evil on the box, NOT Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare, NOT Gears of War 2, NOT Halo 3.

    Also, for anyone making comparisons between Dead Space and RE 5 all I have to say is wait until Dead Space comes out with 6 or 7 sequels with the same recycled shit then it’ll end up in a situation like the Resident Evil series did.

    I for one, as you already can tell, LOVED the demo, LOVE the characters, LOVE the storyline and the characters (especially my favorite returning character Chris Redfield).

    That’s my opinon, I give it a 5/5 the game like OPM did, and like Gampro and OXM gave it all above 9.0 scores. I don’t care about any one elses negative comments on the game nor my post, pice out! ^_^

  102. Spiz

    Well.. i dont want to “run and gun” but, i would like to walk and aim/ shoot… because when a enemy doesnt die after 2 clips… and is in your face… you turn to run… and get killed…

    u wish u could simply.. shoot…and walk backwards…

    i havent played re since 2… but.. this kinda dissapointed me.

  103. I sooooooooooooooooooo agree,, like this is not the OG xbox or the ps2,, if your going to make a game where that the zombies are faster why cant you move,, like i’m sry to say,, but the demo sucked for me,, like really,,i hate to say that,, but its the truth…………

  104. MEE

    I think allowing the player to move while shooting is better than just standing around Much more realistic too! I understand that its always been stop shoot then run in RE games.
    On the other hand, I think Capcom need to step it up because Dead Space set the bar pretty high in terms of survival horror games. Sadly resident evil is not even horror anymore….

  105. tired ted

    i didnt see a problem with the controls. i found that i was used to the controls after just a few seconds, ive only played resident evil code veronica before i played this demo today so i wouldnt call myself a resident evil pro, still i found the controls easy to use, however i do agree that you should be able to walk and shoot, it dosnt ruin the game for me but it could be classed as a minor anoyance. graphics are good, gameplay is good and i love the fact that its online and offline co-op which is what ive been waiting for. so on the whole the good far supasses the one bad thing i found, definate purchase for me 😀

  106. thisisstupid

    seriously guys the controls are fine…i bet more then half of you that are whining about the controls havent played any of the RE games yet. if u can move then it would make the game too easy..and to the ppl that say this is not next gen then what does the word “next gen” mean to u it doesnt mean controls to me….

  107. asdfasdf


  108. Stupid Lol

    @ Lol. The game is great, but the controls take away the realism, it doesn’t matter how you look at it, whether the controls are comfortable with everyone or not, that doesn’t matter, as everyone will have different opinions. But in real life you are able to walk and shoot, even run and shoot, and walk back and shoot. So I do not see what is the struggle everyone is having, this is a major flaw of the game because it takes away realism, and buttons are not being use, as I aim with one stick, the other one does the same thing?
    is pointless

  109. do you want to know

    Ok think about this, you have just released a game that you love and think everyone will to, you made the controls the way you want it and the next day you find out that is was considered to be the worst game in the world because morons don’t realize that you don’t have to play the game because other people like it and you don’t, that just means you just have to buy a different game. besides, would you want to play someone else’s game or your own game that you made and is to your liking

  110. Lalilulelo

    Why are so many people defending the steering wheel controls?

    If I want to drive a car, I’ll go play a racing game.

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