Resident Evil 5 is broken: Part 2

What happen to giving your opinion on games? I recently gave my opinions on the horrid controls in the Resident Evil demo and I got a puddle… lake… no a ocean of responses that ranged from …

“Thats how resident evil plays dipshit.”

and my absolute favorite…

“Keep crying just so you can get hits on this pathetic excuse for a blog. You know it’s resident evil you know what the controls were going to be like and you still cry and bitch like a 3 year old.”

I would like to respond to the comment above. I knew what the controls were going to be like in Resident Evil 5 and that is the problem. Resident Evil 4 came out in 2005 and the controls still haven’t changed. Nothing has changed the only thing Capcom has done was put a shiny coating of next generation paint on the game. Graphically it looks amazing but game-play wise the game is suffering from  what plagued the Tomb raider games in the two previous generations. The Tomb Raider games that came out in the playstation and playstation 2 era suffered from horrid controls that were outdated and it seems like the Resident Evil franchise is heading in the same direction.

I really think that the argument about the tank like controls adding tension to the gameplay is a bunch of crap. Tension should be created within the atmosphere. I hate to keep bringing up Dead Space but the tension and creepiness of the game was created by the atmosphere not by the controls.  Also it could be argued that Resident Evil lost its creepiness. I for one used to be horrified by past resident evil games but this one seems to be going the action route. With that said I would like to ask you all a question. Should Resident Evil 5 controls reflect the games new found emphasis on action?

Will the full game deliver?


Check out my full review in March when the game releases.

Peace and one love




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3 responses to “Resident Evil 5 is broken: Part 2

  1. ash7612

    i could not disagree more. First of all just think for a second as to why the controls are “tank”, Too many casual gamers and yourself included have played far too much gears of war, deadspace, COD etc and now expect RE5 to be the same, the controls ARE there to create tension, i don’t seem to remember people complaining when RE 1 and 2 suffering from this.
    Also how arrogant is it to say that the game is broken just because you didn’t like the controls, what nerve, perhaps you suck at the game and want to have your hand held the whole time is that it? Well if it is you need to go play mario or something.

  2. Brad

    Agree. they might as will let us use a joy stick like the atari had. fells like that
    i love the game tho but they needa do something with the controlling
    but on the other hand many ppl like it…


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