KillZone 2 Spanish AD

Are my eyes deceiving me? Sony is actually doing a good job with the killzone 2 commercials.



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5 responses to “KillZone 2 Spanish AD

  1. Abaddon

    By the way, I’m sick and tired of the horrendous Spanish dubbing on games, the original voice of LBP was way better in english, and this was so much better in its original version too.

    Also, I’m Spanish.

  2. Carl

    Hey Abaddon, I know this worked for me with R&CF: ToD. Go to System Settings and change the systems language (which means, the XMB, and other menus basically) to English, then your games should be in English too!

  3. Abaddon

    Of course! If they were so kind of keeping the whole international content in the Blu disc (a very possible thing thanks to the lots of space) that should do it;It’s the same localization mechanism that works when you download a U.S. demo and surprisingly,It becomes automatically translated.But in reverse xD
    Why didn’t I think that before?

    Thanks a lot Carl! 😀

  4. Abaddon

    Oh my…how’s my chauvinism? I meant [“When you download a Foreign demo”(…)] there.
    I tend to gravitate towards the idea that Europe is the center of the world,sorry! xD

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