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Neogaf sucks: The attack of the Fanboys


I remember when I was a kid in elementary school me and my friends would have arguments about which system was better. I can remember the arguments vividly…

“The Playstation is better than the N SHITTY FOUR”

“Mario would smash Crash Bandicoot”

“You all sound like idiots… Sonic would split both of them in half”

When I was in school I had a Playstation so I defended Sony’s name like I had a stake in its stock. I was a Sony Fanboy. I wore the S on my scrawny chest with self-importance like a smug guy that drives a hybrid car.  I didn’t care what Sony was doing wrong… no no no … it didn’t matter… I wanted to see the great Nintendo fall from grace. I wanted to see it crash and burn, I wanted to see the great Shigeru Miyamoto bow at Sony’s feet. I laughed and celebrated when that thing they call a game SUPERMAN 64 came out and got shamefully horrible scores. I defended Sony’s detractors like a Fox News pundit trying to defend their imaginary news channel…. Continue reading



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